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Hoda Furnishings

Hoda Yasin runs a project of sewing and embroidering house furnishings Atelier making sheets, curtains and linens in Domiatta. Some of her colleagues and her share in managing this atelier, so she buys the required material for her project such as cloth robes besides embroidering materials, one of them works to perform the project accountings, some other ladies work in sewing and embroidering, in addition to some others for marketing and selling.

It is worth noting that Hoda has attended a workshop about the facilities of IT for Small and Micro enterprises' owners conducted by the Association of Woman and Development in Domiatta with the coalition of Information and Communication Technology for Small and Medium Enterprises (one of Egypt's ICT-Trust-Fund projects), consequently, she's started applying IT concepts to promote the Atelier recently.

She speaks then about this workshop saying, "I attended the training course conducted by (ICT4SME's), so I could get the specific software applications that are valid for promoting and facilitating my project such as the Office Suite package, accounting and warehouse administration applications, customer information management programs, in addition to business concepts, small project management, and e-marketing. By applying software solutions in my project, the effort and time required to accomplish the work is counting down with the help of computer in all processes of saving and retrieving data speedily and accurately with the least expected proportion of mistakes, moreover, I saved the extra costs spent on salaries for employees performing accountings manually, thus the project required one, and only one, employee to perform the project accountings using the computer accounting software; thus, productivity increased, sales increased and benefits doubled.