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Jamila and the olive farm

Jamila Mohammad Hussein, the owner of an olive farm inAl-Arish, decided to promote her project by using IT solutions in managing her farm. She consulted the Association of development inAl-Arish to be able to achieve her goal. She narrates her experience with IT solutions saying, "I started the training on IT when I joined the workshop conducted by the Association of Development inAl-Arish with the coalition with Information and Communication Technology for Small and Medium Enterprises (one of Egypt's ICT-Trust-Fund). The training program focused on the importance of using IT solutions for Small business owners, it consists of various sessions for Small and Medium enterprise owners to inform them with the latest technological updates that might help them manage their projects. The training program included information about word processing and data entry, administrative accounting applications, in addition to other database programs, besides the information about e-marketing concepts and its importance for small businesses and the way in which we can apply it on our local market.


I benefited a lot from the training and so I applied some IT solutions in managing my project. Running a project of a farm requires a huge effort and plenty of time to perform cultivation, soil preparation, and irrigation, combating pests, producing, selling and other agricultural performances. It is worth mentioning that when I resorted to the internet to get more information about maintaining olive farms, I was extremely impressed with the available vast resources of information displayed in this respect; thus, I could get information about planting timings in each area according to its climate, irrigation and soil treatment. Generally, there were no obstacles mentioned in getting information from the internet as I could easily turn on the computer and connect to the internet to follow up the latest agricultural methods and the latest marketing strategies spending only one, or at most, two hours daily. The most valuable information I got is related to the means of fighting diseases and combating pests as I got to know the names of diseases and pests that may harm olive to be ready for combating them by buying the suitable pesticides, and thus, the project witnessed noticeable increase in productivity with the least effort mentioned.