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MCIT and Aswan Governorate organize a number of awareness sessions on financial inclusion, safe internet, Info Lady and e-learning.

Within the framework of the collaboration between the Central Department for Community Development at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and Aswan Governorate, a number of awareness sessions on financial inclusion, safe internet, Info Lady and e-learning, are organized on March 1-6, as part of the ongoing activities of Qodwa-Tech initiative for empowering Egyptian women economically and socially.

The sessions include raising awareness of financial inclusion, through explaining its concepts and discussing the importance of prompting the financial and digital inclusion of women and increasing their contribution to the development of the national economy. This aims to achieve the transformation into an integrated digital society that contributes to attaining sustainable comprehensive development in Egypt.

Moreover, the sessions target raising awareness of the importance of e-learning as one of the approaches to digital transformation in digital knowledge and technology. The aim is to get learners to trust in the power of e-learning and introduce individuals and institutions to its benefits through encouraging civil society organizations, institutions and involved entities to promote e-learning.

The sessions also introduce the "Info Lady" model and her role in digital marketing, as a model of the development of Egyptian women and their capabilities. This will help create a healthy competitive work environment for female entrepreneurs through selecting models of ambitious female entrepreneurs and training them on using IT applications.

The aim is to qualify these women to guide and mentor other groups of female craftswomen, thus broadening the training scope and creating a sustainable model to support women economically and provide better marketing opportunities for them.

As part of the efforts for raising awareness of the side effects of using Internet, the sessions also discuss safe Internet, through educating users and explaining how to maintain security on the Internet. This is in addition to providing a better understanding of the side effects of using Internet through listing the methods and steps to achieve security and safety in this virtual world.

The sessions are part of the different activities of the cooperation protocol signed between the Central Department for Community Development at MCIT and Aswan Governorate, targeting empowering women using ICT and promoting e-learning industry.