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Promoting MCIT Sustainable Development Initiatives, Projects on Egyptian Adventurer Journey

In the framework of its usual keenness to foster promising young Egyptians and promote their innovative initiatives and ideas, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) has agreed to sponsor Egyptian adventurer Ali Abdo on the world's longest journey on electric motorcycle.

During the one-hundred-day journey, Abdo will tour 75 cities in different Egyptian governorates, starting on February 22, at Abu Simbel Temple, in conjunction with the annual celebration of the solar alignment with Ramses II statue, and ending on June 1, at Giza Pyramids.

The journey aims to promote the Sustainable Development Strategy (SDS): Egypt Vision 2030, through MCIT initiatives, and support several social issues, on top of which is building the Egyptian citizen. The journey objectives also meet MCIT strategy for digital transformation and building digital Egypt, implemented through a number of pillars, including developing the Egyptian digital cultural content.

Abdo, with his journey, seeks to contribute to creating a professional Egyptian digital identity through documenting his visits to historic landmarks, industrial activities and national initiatives, in different governorates. This is in addition to sharing exceptional success stories with the world in the form of documented information on the places of traditional industries and handicrafts, for which each governorate is famous. This will help document Egypt's cultural, historical and touristic heritage, and spread culture and knowledge of it.

Moreover, the journey will shed light on a number of MCIT initiatives and projects that focus on developing the digital skills of society members, through fostering innovation and creativity, training human calibers and promoting entrepreneurship. This includes the telemedicine project and Qodwa-Tech initiative for empowering Egyptian women.

The projects will be promoted during the journey stages, in different governorates. This will help achieve these projects objectives more effectively and reach a wider audience.

MCIT sponsorship comes as part of its efforts to foster young Egyptians' innovative ideas and harness them to serve comprehensive development issues.