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Call for coexistence

"We are an important player in the society. We represent more than 10% of them. If we are neglected, we will be a reason in the halting of the development cycle; therefore, society should not neglect our role and work to find ways and means to communicate with us."

This is the language of people with disabilities, especially those who are deaf. Based on this important role, it was thought by the organizers of this project to contribute in one way or another to the development of the educational process for people with disabilities from the deaf to find solutions and technological mechanisms to enable and develop the abilities of people with disabilities to cope with the age of technology and facilitate communication with them, which ultimately helps to improve the educational services provided to them.

The project offers a range of integrated technological services, the first of its kind in Egyptian society. These services are as diverse as:
• Providing an electronic center that makes it easy to find out which phone number or address the disabled person can access (for the blind in Braille on mobile and websites, for the deaf and dumb through a specialized website).
• A talking e-book that records texts in audible electronic form for the blind.
• Color reader for the blind.
• Speech and sign language for the blind.
• A book on how to deal with people with disabilities.
• A smart mouse to deal with people with physical disabilities.
• Talking calculator for the blind.

Given the importance of this project, we do not have the technology and communications equipment to test the new programs and applications, we also lack partnerships with major telecommunications companies, as such we are seeking to sign a contract with Telecom Egypt to establish an internal center with the special technical requirements corresponding with the needs of the project.