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Qolha for Helping People with Disabilities

There is a significant group in society which needs our cooperation and encouragement and hard work to continue to feel their role, status and impact within the community; namely deaf and blind, they themselves consider their disability a test from God on patience which challenges them to find ways to excel. But some people deal with this group as incapable of providing any benefit to society and stand as a challenge in the face of their creative energies, although it would be more beneficial to exploit these energies in building and developing society.

As such a group of young people (Karim, Ali, Ahmed, Islam) have tried to implement a project to help deaf and blind by providing computer and mobile software to serve this sector of the community by using sign language as a method of communication and understanding with the rest of the community, the project was launched under the name (Qolha).

The project works in an innovative sector where it specializes in the design and implementation of software that helps this segment of the population; furthermore, the product has no counterpart or competitor in the Egyptian and Arab markets.

Believing in the importance of this service to people with disabilities, the group joined the YSEP competition for entrepreneurial training, which helped them plan the project better and develop a strategy that will enable them to achieve sustainability.

However, the project while deemed very important is still in its infancy, and thus requires the coordination of all stakeholders on the issues of people with disabilities to help develop the product to make it more suitable to the needs of this category.