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Nadia from her Small World to Entrepreneurship Horizon

It was a turning point in this woman’s life. Due to the tough living conditions her family is living, she started searching for a way to an advancement of life and meeting her family’s needs. She was producing handmade objects that go back to the Nubian history; such as objects made of leaves of the palm tree to produce bags, wallets and decorative platters. This project mainly focused on providing a special training to those women to know computer basics and how to surf the internet. Moreover, they learnt how to design a website to market their products online. Nadia developed a new idea which is using wastes to provide products with aesthetic features. Furthermore, she participated in exhibition for artisanal traditional products which was hold in Aswan. She became on higher levels of quality, therefore she is able to sell all products she presented. This obviously reflected on the economic condition of her family.