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The success story of Quran memorization contest

Due to the clear impact of the activities of the integrated technological development project in Nubia and in stimulating the role of information and communication technology, especially in learning support, one of the associations operating in the Nubia region was able to use the model of distance training implemented there by the project and to reutilize it for the implementation of one of the social and educational activities of the Association.

After the Egyptian ICT Trust Fund's work in distance education, the project has been implemented as training activities for the education axis of the project; the success of many training sessions on online knowledge management issues; and the training of several Nubia teachers on the skills of designing and producing instructional video Digital education to help students gain better access to subjects using technology tools.
Where the Association of Social Solidarity for Orphans in the Emprekab area developed the system of online training, which was used with teachers through the program With IQ, in conducting competitions for students to memorize the Koran from the Association for Koran Memorization in the Prophet's Mosque in Medina, which helped to save the costs of transportation and the effort and time it takes to move students from place to place, and therefore the project had a great impact in the cultural transfer of using technological applications and raising the capabilities of the Association employees.