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Sustainability and Continuity in the Integrated Technological Development Project in Nubia

Nubia, August 2015

In order to achieve the principle of sustainability and continuity of the integrated technological development project in Nubia, as well as to seek the required integration between civil society organizations working in the project, the aim was to find ways of sustaining the integrated technological development project in Nubia, in addition to networking among all the working parties In the project, where sustainability of the project is achieved through more than one method in all project components:
First Axis: To achieve the sustainability of the training in the technological laboratories, the work was to implement more than one lab in more than one NGO so that these laboratories serve as branches of the technology laboratories that fall under one entity. Initially the implementation of the first laboratories was in the Association of Orphanage, In the Ambarkab, the Quran memorization association in Abu Simbel tourist area, and the women's association in Nasr Al-Nubia, where the trainers in these societies provide training services according to the needs of the place and to insure the sustainability of the project.
The second axis is to achieve women empowerment by providing suitable opportunities for women craftworkers to market their heritage products, whereby the products are marketed and presented by one person who is responsible for coordinating with women craftworkers and female trainees in order to collect their products for display and marketing on the internet. Moreover, work is underway for cooperation to take place with the Misr El Khier Society for marketing and promoting products on the Internet.
Third Axis: Achieving continuity in cooperation with one of the major institutions. This was achieved through an agreement with the Mobinil Foundation to participate in the implementation of the activities of the project whereby the Foundation is establishing several laboratories in the civil associations cooperating with the project with a number of computers. In addition, Mobinil provides free SMS packages to each collaborating society that uses them in the areas of health awareness and education. Mobinil also participates in several awareness seminars in the field of women's development and empowerment.
The fourth Axis is the institutional development of the associations. One of the indicators of the success of the training and awareness seminars for the project is the training and preparation of the second generation of trainers to ensure continuous training and expansion. As such, new training sessions are continuously taking place. For example, the "Quran Memorization Association" has been networking with several other associations by re-offering project training and recruitment to its members, in order to disseminate the concepts of entrepreneurship among citizens of Nubia in Aswan