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Enabling PWD

The Egyptian ICT Trust Fund, in collaboration with civil society organizations, relevant governmental and international bodies and supporting businesses, seeks to launch projects and initiatives that promote the rights of people with disabilities, in particular the right to education and employment.

PWDs needs more focus on relevant integration mechanisms, as well as awareness raising of their issues and problems, to address the difficulties they face.

The Egyptian ICT Trust Fund, in its strategies, emphasizes the need to support the provision of people with disabilities with the relevant technological skills and tools needed to improve their standard of living which is achieved by raising society's awareness of technology's role in improving the lives of PWDs

At the same time, the Fund contributes to creating training opportunities to increase their chances of finding work areas that suit their needs and capabilities, as well as helping them to create technology solutions and applications to facilitate their daily lives.

Through its activities, the Fund seeks to address the needs of PWDs in terms of knowledge and information in order to ensure their full participation and integration into society through the construction of websites and electronic portals (eg Irada Gate), which caters its services this important segment of the population.

The Fund also seeks to improve the educational process for students with hearing and visual impairments using ICT solutions by developing educational curricula into electronic curricula, including a number of educational materials that present a challenge for these hearing impaired and blind students (mathematics, science and computer basics).  Moreover, the Fund is working to create a virtual online community for students with hearing and sight impairment.