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Farah association

Farah association is one of the most exciting stories that shows the social and environmental impact on the Egyptian society through the ‘marketing of homemade products’ projects. Staff from Farah Development association in Alexandria governorate obtained the benefits of the ICT4SMEs trainings and applied in YEGP (Youth Employment Generation Program) which is one of the phases underwent “ICT 4 MSMEs Development Program”.

Tomouh competition enabling the youth to submit their innovative ideas and help turning them into reality. Farah Association came up with the “Don’t throw away papers” initiative. It aims to get benefit of the paper and use it in other matters like gift wrapping and so on. The staff get benefited from the trainings and were encouraged to apply their ideas more effectively and effiecently.

Through the website that have been created through ICT Trust Fund after their training course and from what they have learnt about e-markleting, the initiative has successfully been able to sell the products they produce for utilizing used papers in exporting their homemade product to several countries as  U.S.A in last Christmas, Dec.  2013 It is worth to mention here that some of the trainees in Farah Associations are  PWD who now create their opportunities by themselves for better life with good income.

Links to Farah Association website: