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Hoda Furnishings
Hoda Yasin runs a project of sewing and embroidering house furnishings Atelier making sheets, curtains and linens in Domiatta.
Essam restaurant
Essam Talaat owns a project of a restaurant in Alquseyah village in Asiout. He is in charge with administration works of the project as works in this restaurant varies from meal sales, meal preparation, performing accounting and billing information manually.
Clothes e-marketing project
e-marketing is considered to be one of the contemporary basics in which small projects and large companies use in marketing the Egyptian products using the internet, and it is worth noting the upcoming trend among small project owners to include software applications to promote their business and market their products.
Managing a poultry farm electronically
Assim El-Sayed Abdel-Maqsood speaks about his experience with Information Technology in managing a project of poultry farm, "I own a poultry farm where I manage it and follow it up.
Monira and leather embroidery read_more
Obison electronic Embroidering
Obison is one kind of embroidery used in weaving French style carpets and other hand made fabrics. Cotton, wool and silk are used in making Obison embroidery.
Office for Computer services
One of the common projects that many young men go for is to run an office of computer services to introduce typing and printing out documents and research papers, introducing internet services, selling IT related equipment including computer accessories, and/or introducing their maintenance services as well.
Computerized Fine Art
Walaa Gamal Aldeen owns a gallery of fine arts and a shop for selling cosmetics in Asiout. She narrates her experience of using software solutions in her project saying, "as any other art gallery, I started my project exerting much effort, as required to work in this field,
Online tools and paintings
Have you ever thought about buying wall painting and architectural tools and accessories from the online market? The idea seems brand new, though it is firmly true! As many tools and painting shop owners started to use the internet for online marketing to widen their sales area.
Packaging Salt Automatically
Hussein Mohammad Hussein Abol-Ela started his project in the field of salt packaging and marketing in a simple place in Port Said, then he could get a license to work in this place after preparing it in a suitable way for buying and selling salt, but the process of saving and retrieving data was kept randomly and manually on paper.
Expert System Project read_more
Farah Association's initiative read_more