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ICT new opportunities for SMEs
In 1998 , Maged Mouris started his small project by establishing a small factory for painting manufacturing in Beni-seuf governorate.
Architectural Designs using Computer
Mahmoud Rashad Abdelhady Azab speaks about his experience in applying software solutions in his project saying, "in 1978 I started a contracting works office for Architectural Designs in Port Said by implementing small contracting works inside the city and in near areas, later on, I spread my contracting works to include other areas far from Port Said by creating various types of designs such as structural designs.
Azzooz Net Café
Ezeldeen Azzooz runs a project of a cyber café in the village of Abnoob in Asiout in Upper Egypt. He used to perform his office work in a traditional way as well as many other cyber cafes until he has recently shifted to an up-to-date business model in running his project which depends upon applying software solutions.
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Rabbit e-marketing read_more
Yasser Abo Samra and Electronic Furniture Making
Mr. Yaser Abdelwahab Abou-Samra narrates his story with IT solutions and how applying software applications has pushed his project ahead. Mr. Abou Samra said, "I own a small factory for making furniture.
Factory of car accessories using technology read_more
Jamila and the olive farm
Jamila Mohammad Hussein, the owner of an olive farm inAl-Arish, decided to promote her project by using IT solutions in managing her farm. She consulted the Association of development inAl-Arish to be able to achieve her goal.
Advanced customer service
It is clear that the process of managing customer service requires great effort and plenty of time that is to write down customer information by drawing data tables manually to insert, update and/or search for customers' information such as their names, phone numbers, addresses for the sake of contacting them to settle service preferences i.e. timing.
Hoda Furnishings
Hoda Yasin runs a project of sewing and embroidering house furnishings Atelier making sheets, curtains and linens in Domiatta.
Essam restaurant
Essam Talaat owns a project of a restaurant in Alquseyah village in Asiout. He is in charge with administration works of the project as works in this restaurant varies from meal sales, meal preparation, performing accounting and billing information manually.