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Youth Employment Generation Program (YEGP) - Egypt


There is no development for a country without its youth, educating youth and building their capacities come at the very top of any national agenda. That's why this project addresses the mismatch between the occupational demanded skills by the private sector and the skills needed to qualify youths in Egypt for work. This is done through equipping youths with the necessary vocational, IT and soft skills to increase their employment prospects in addition to technical and financial support that help them establish their own businesses.

Goal & Objectives


The YEGP program harnesses ICT to bridge the mismatch between private sector skills demands and youth skills sets.



  • Increase self-employment and employability of young women and men through access to technical, vocational and entrepreneurial skills training with special emphasis on Information and Communications Technology (ICT).
  • Increase internship opportunities in private companies and/or other institutions for youth.

Program Pillars

Youth Social Entrepreneurship Program-YSEP

The Youth Social Entrepreneurship Program aims to inspire youth to be champions leading small business with high impacts towards the surrounding community using ICTs.

This component is based on ”Tomouh” competition for the best social entrepreneurship ideas/projects. In addition, we build the entrepreneurship capacities of participants and provide them with networking and mentorship services to produce their feasible business plans.

Finally, through external arbitration process, the best 5 business plans were awarded for successful and sustainable implementation.

Technical, Vocational Education and Training (TVET)

The vocational Training and the Internship component aims to address the mismatch between private sector skills demands and youth skills sets by providing youth with the necessary vocational, IT and soft skills to increase their employment prospects.

This component was conducted in 4 governorates (greater Cairo, Aswan, El Mina, and Dakahlia). It started by conducting a labor market survey in each governorate to determine the needed jobs, empowering partners NGOs with Train of Trainer, building capacities of graduated youth on the required skills, then providing  80% of the trainees with internship opportunities.

M/SMEs Program

The MSMEs component aims to increase the effectiveness and improve the profitability of MSMEs owners and entrepreneurs through the integration of ICT in business operation. This is achieved through two main techniques:

  1. Direct MSMEs: in this technique the program conducts awareness sessions, train of trainers and builds the capacities of MSMEs.
  2. Indirect MSMEs: in this technique the program builds the capacities of MSMEs through SMEs toolkits. The whole process of registration and MSMEs filtration is done online and the MSMEs training toolkits are sent to the MSMEs by carrier then a competition for the best 5 MSMEs that applied the toolkits knowledge and created their marketing websites were awarded with ICT prizes. 

Beneficiaries & Location

The MSMEs program targets the youth in the age group 21 - 45 years from both male and female who have their own medium, small and micro projects and have the willingness to utilize the ICT in their projects.

Youth Social Entrepreneurship Program targets Young People and Social Entrepreneurs.

The Vocational training & Internship program targets youth between 18-30 years and vocational schools across Egypt.

Covered Area:

  • The MSMEs program; 23 governorates.
  • The Youth Social Entrepreneurship Program; nationwide.
  • The Vocational training & Internship program; 4 governorates (Greater Cairo, Aswan, El Mina, and Dakahlia).




The YEGP  has a genuine impact on  the Egyptian throughout four main milestones:


1- M/SMEs Program


2-Youth Social Entrepreneurship Program

The YSEP targets Fostering Entrepreneurship and innovation among Egyptian youth. This achieved when the  Egypt ICT –TF announced the second phase of “Ambitious” competition for social creativity in cooperation with the Japanese government to empower these youths.


3- Internship and employability Program

This achieved through Partnering with the private sector to provide internship for trained youth. The “Youth Employment Generation Program in Egypt” program within March 2012 targets youth in general and  vocational students specifically to better off their economic and employment status in Egypt.


4-The Technical, Vocational Program

This component targets a sustainable cooperation with the Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) which  currently directs vocational training in vocational schools across Egypt. Through this partnership, the project will build on existing networks of NGOs working within the TVET program as well as on existing training curricula within the ICT Trust Fund, IT clubs and computer labs in schools, and Telecentres (TCs) as potential bases for the delivery of IT and multi-media based literacy programs.

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