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ICT new opportunities for SMEs

In 1998 , Maged Mouris started his small project by establishing a small factory for painting manufacturing  in Beni-seuf governorate. Confronted  with competition from other factories producing similar products ,Maged worked hard to increase his business productivity and assure the quality of his products. The obstacle was that he lacked the capital to export modern machine to automate the work process. The turning point in Maged’s life was when he learned to use computer & internet and other ICT applications during ICT4SMEs free training  in Assuit Businessmen NGO. Although the training lasted for one month but the change was remarkable. using  Inventory program facilitates the process of storing and retrieving data. besides decreasing the waste in raw material to zero after computerizing  every thing in the factory. Maged thinks that  his true gain is the internet ,as he says, “ I’m now connected to the rest of the world”. through searching in the internet Maged  finally manage to get the designs for the machine he needed , and  producing it depending on local materials.