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Architectural Designs using Computer

Mahmoud Rashad Abdelhady Azab speaks about his experience in applying software solutions in his project saying, "in 1978 I started a contracting works office for Architectural Designs in Port Said by implementing small contracting works inside the city and in near areas, later on, I spread my contracting works to include other areas far from Port Said by creating various types of designs such as structural designs. My project was being implemented regularly according to the available equipment, so I faced some obstacles and success was not that easy." Then he adds, "I was not quite sure if it was out of my good or bad luck that I suffered from slipped disc and so I stopped working for sometime due to the difficulty of making manual blueprint. Hence, I started my experience with software applications to resume my career. I was directed to the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises in Port Said so that I obtain a personal computer and receive some computer training. So, I was trained on Office Suite Package including data entry, composing letters, and using the internet to download and get the latest updated information about material and designs, in addition to organizing work development in the live architectural processes and studying architectural linkage in order to entering bids.

Moreover, architectural designs are being prepared using computer software applications to produce Computer Aided Designs, making use of spreadsheet and preparing balance sheet applications, using computer input in deciding for bids entering due to the fast and efficient data retrieving systems, besides printing out drafts, creating architectural designs and extracting information from the internet about the latest news in materials.

Then I used computer programs like: AutoCAD, 3D-Studio-Max and Photoshop in all my work stages such as designing, preparations and implementation and benefited greatly from them that is to meet deadlines and required specifications; thus achieving the designs for South Port Said apartment buildings and the project of youth club in Al-Kab and more. There were no obstacles except for maintenance issues that I could overcome by increasing my computer practice.