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Advanced customer service

It is clear that the process of managing customer service requires great effort and plenty of time that is to write down customer information by drawing data tables manually to insert, update and/or search for customers' information such as their names, phone numbers, addresses for the sake of contacting them to settle service preferences i.e. timing.

Hence, Nermeen Ateya Soleiman, who works in the field of customer service management, believed in developing the stereotype and performance of her career, so she decided to join a training course in this field. Nermeen has joined the training course in The vanguard of development association in the city of Al-Arish to pass the training course on the Office Suite Package and customer service management applications in addition to some other concepts related to effective planning, e-marketing and project management. After this training, Nermeen, noticeably, promoted her business model, so her job has become mainly depending upon entering customers' information to the computer which performs the daily accounts on spreadsheets and saves her letters and documents she type in using a word processor, thus she has become able to save the effort and save the wasted time in performing the traditional manual procedures. Also, she has created a database of the company's regular customers including all the required information so that it would be much easier to extract reports or retrieve information when required.