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Clothes e-marketing project

e-marketing is considered to be one of the contemporary basics in which small projects and large companies use in marketing the Egyptian products using the internet, and it is worth noting the upcoming trend among small project owners to include software applications to promote their business and market their products. Noha Ramadan Abdel-Rahim, who lives in Rasel-Bar in Domiatta, is one of those who use software solutions in promoting their business as she runs a project of clothes production and marketing. Works in this project vary i.e. cutting and sewing cloth, clothes designing, embroidering, management, and financial deal, in addition to transporting goods, etc.

For the sake of developing her project, Noha has joined a training course conducted by the Association of developing woman and society in Domiatta with the coalition of Information and Communication Technology for Small and Medium Enterprises (one of Egypt's ICT-Trust-Fund projects). The course included software solutions targeting persons with small businesses, software applications such as word processing applications, warehouse administration and accounting, and e-marketing. By passing this training, Noha started including software solutions in her project aiming at a permanent push. She started by computerizing accounting operations like salary calculations and buy/sell performances. Noticeably, such procedures were wasting much time and effort in order to collect bills and sales so that it would be easy to know the total number of all product items of the warehouse; accountings were performed in the average of five minutes for each customer, the daily sales value was performed in, at least, one hour, as for inventory, it was performed every six months and lasts for around a week in addition to one-shift cost for the accounting employee throughout an entire week. Using software solutions in the project accelerated the processes mentioned: accounting for each customer requires less than half the time wasted previously, the daily sales value requires only seconds over the computer, and as for the inventory, it requires two days on a regular bases; besides saving the cost of the extra shift spent previously for the accounting employee to perform inventory. The big push is represented in the chance to use the internet as a means of e-marketing portal for our products which enabled us attract more customers and spread the project in a wider market instead of the previous local market; thus, the project witnessed a noticeable increase in productivity and benefits.