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Azzooz Net Café

Ezeldeen Azzooz runs a project of a cyber café in the village of Abnoob in Asiout in Upper Egypt. He used to perform his office work in a traditional way as well as many other cyber cafes until he has recently shifted to an up-to-date business model in running his project which depends upon applying software solutions. The nature of the cyber café project that is closely related to the field of information technology has helped him a lot in this development.

Azzooz first experience with software applications started when he received training courses on some computer applications conducted by Information and Communication Technology for Small and Medium Enterprises (one of Egypt's ICT-Trust-Fund projects). Azzooz was trained on some software solutions related to e-marketing, advertisement, administration as well as the Office Suite Package That has enabled him have an electronic archive saving all the data and the accounts of the project instead of the traditional way of bookkeeping. Azzooz said that he made use of the programs he was trained on in carrying out a number of tasks that facilitate accountings of the project, help him develop better advertising strategies and give him the chance to offer more services in his cyber cafe such as typing documents.

As for the benefits Azzooz has gained from using updated software solutions, he said, "I benefited a lot from the training on these programs as I have saved the great time and effort needed to manage accountings of the project. Now, all accountings are done easily and accurately especially those that are related to calculating averages and determining the shares of my partners." Azzooz went on saying, "I was able to save labor as shifting to the new updated business model needs only one or, at most, two employees for data entry."

Regarding the difficulties that faced Azzooz during the training, he mentioned that they were related to calculating averages and performing complex arithmetic processes and he overcame such obstacles by extra training on the program and by getting help from his trainer.