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Computerized Fine Art

Walaa Gamal Aldeen owns a gallery of fine arts and a shop for selling cosmetics in Asiout. She narrates her experience of using software solutions in her project saying, "as any other art gallery, I started my project exerting much effort, as required to work in this field, in order to attract fine art lovers who are not easily reached and who are always in need of new creative and updated designs; thus I should be able to make the expected designs and develop attractive advertising plans; hence, I thought of an innovative way to activate marketing and advertising my gallery. I joined the computer training course conducted by the Association of Businessmen in Asiout in cooperation with Information and Communication Technology for Small and Medium Enterprises (one of Egypt's ICT-Trust-Fund projects). There, I was trained on a vast number of software applications that benefited me a lot in my project especially in carrying out new advertising plans. These applications include business administration applications and the Office Suite Package  which helps in converting project data into digital records and spreadsheets, besides e-marketing software solutions."; moreover, the training I received has enabled me to make more and more creative gallery designs accurately in less time using computer, and thus I saved the time and effort wasted in hand made designs, in repeating the designs of the paintings as all previously designed content is now stored on computer to be retrieved whenever needed. I faced some technical problems during the training, but fortunately, I have overcome it by the help of the trainers"