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Essam restaurant

Essam Talaat owns a project of a restaurant in Alquseyah village in Asiout. He is in charge with administration works of the project as works in this restaurant varies from meal sales, meal preparation, performing accounting and billing information manually. He was to perform his tasks manually on paper with the help of some other people. Essam speaks about his beginning in applying software solutions in the restaurant project saying, "Finally, I got to realize the difference between managing my restaurant traditionally and using the advanced business models in managing it using the modern software solutions. I was trained on software solutions by joining the course conducted by the Association of Businessmen in Asiout with the coalition with Information and Communication Technology for Small and Medium Enterprises (one of Egypt's ICT-Trust-Fund). This training course included training on accounting and business and warehouse administration programs besides training on e-marketing methods for products and services.

As for the push my project witnessed after applying software solution in the project of my restaurant, I could definitely save time and effort exerted in collecting bills, performing accounting and collecting sales information using the traditional writing on paper, in addition to saving archived data randomly, thus, facing difficulty in retrieving information or data when required. It is worth noting that after using software solutions, retrieving data has become much easier to compare the retrieved data to the newly updated information. Also, I was able to use e-marketing concepts I was trained on, in publishing the services introduced in my restaurant via the Internet in an attractive way which made more chances for success available by developing the service introduced. There were no obstacles mentioned in the training because of the simple application interfaces that are introduced in the Arabic language, trainers are surely the main reason behind our success in this training