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Factory of car accessories using technology

Samir El-Sayed Abdelrazeq El-Shabaney works in the field of car upholstery, floor mats and car cover. He speaks about his project saying, "I established my project in a small workshop (sqkm55) in Port Sayed for car upholstery where I started designing and making products, storing material as well as buying and selling car accessories. After that, I developed my project when I bought a (sqkm500) factory instead of the small workshop and absolutely I started my new experience of adding software solutions to my upcoming project. Managing a small workshop is extremely different from managing a factory of car upholstery; the increased number of machines, workers and employees led to increasing quantity and variety of production as we started manufacturing security bodies industry and equipment covers. Thus, it was necessary to determine a specific strategy to follow in achieving the factory works efficiently and effectively, here, I decided to use computer software applications in managing and reorganizing factory works.

Prior to using computer in my project I had been accustomed to using small notebooks to write down the project details; one is used for registering customer information and a second one is used for writing down the daily activities. This reflects the limited factory works that time. The actual dilemma started when the project grew up and production increased, we faced problems like: the difficulty of collecting resources and inability of retrieving accurate data in time for the sake of taking appropriate decisions, but after using software solutions in the project, organizing the store and collecting resources and material has become absolutely much easier. We created a fully integrated database to extract accurate and clear reports about the amount of production, the buy/sell rates and customer information. Then, I made use of software applications like saving the buy/sell data applications, accounting programs, customer information programs and database designing programs that are used in creating a database for customer information and product model presentation templates.




One of the best advantages in applying software solutions in my project is my ultimate over control of all project aspects and my updated information about the daily and annual work details. All accountings, customer information and design presentations are well-arranged; moreover, arranging the actual material store appropriately as well as arranging the computer based archive which led to increasing the production proportion by 40% and increasing the proportion of sales by 100% besides the success in exporting to other foreign countries. But I was not satisfied with just using information technology in my project, so, I conducted IT training for the factory workers. I trained my employees on how to use data storing applications as well as accounting and workers' information programs in order for them to perform their tasks efficiently. One of the factors that led me to success and put my first step in the right way to succeed is the idea of the training courses conducted by the Association of developing small and medium Enterprises in Port Said, courses about the importance of IT and computers and their role in promoting small industries besides live computer training on basic software solutions. The only obstacle that I faced in using Information Technology in my project is the bad need for training on more advanced and specialized software applications.