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Managing a poultry farm electronically

Assim El-Sayed Abdel-Maqsood speaks about his experience with Information Technology in managing a project of poultry farm, "I own a poultry farm where I manage it and follow it up. There is not the least doubt that managing such kind of farms require great effort and perseverance as feeding, cleaning, health care continually take place to assure that the poultry are free from diseases, in addition to the importance of determining certain time to follow up merchants in the market, besides the operations of supplying orders. Absolutely, I needed to consult specialists to know the proper ways of providing medical care, preparing the hatchery, adjusting heat degree and preparing fodder, but I was lacking such valuable information that I had to be aware of accurately, however, much time was wasted in preparing information, accounting and required feasibility studies: hatching cycle for a thousand chick requires 45 days and other five days to prepare the farm, then, marketing strategies start to be implemented.

As I wanted to promote my project, I contacted the Vanguards of Development Association in Al-Arish, and then I got a training course conducted by the association with the coalition with Information and Communication Technology for Small and Medium Enterprises (one of Egypt's ICT-Trust-Fund projects). This training course included the Office Suite Package, customer service applications, small enterprise and e-marketing concepts. By getting this training, I used IT in preparing the feasibility study with the help of some other poultry farm owners, also I created advanced spreadsheets and got the required information from the internet, then I could presumably catch up new customers and save the effort and time wasted in preparing feasibility studies in a traditional way as all the information required is stored in a computer, consequently, it would be much easier to use them in preparing any new feasibility studies without exerting extra effort.