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Monira and leather embroidery

Mrs. Monira Safwat Mahmoud Al-emam runs a small home based business for clothes and leather embroidery to provide a better living standard for herself and her family. It is worth noting that such kind of projects doesn't need much capital to start with as all the required  raw material such as various shapes of leather pieces, beads, leather punch, threads, and metal and crystal chips are available in the market with low prices and easy to find. The work in this project, which Monira gives a hand in with a group of her friends, includes a number of tasks like:

  • clothes embroidering: carried out by three of the partners of the project.
  • Leatherwear embroidering: carried out by other two partners.
  • Accountings: performed by another partner.
  • Sales: processed by two more partners.


To develop her project, Mrs. Monira attended the training course provided by Information and Communication Technology for Small and Medium Enterprises (one of Egypt's ICT-Trust-Fund projects) with the coalition with the Association of woman and Development in Domiatta. Monira has been trained on a number of programs to develop her project including the Office Suite Package that contains word processing, photo editing, creating spreadsheets and designing presentations, in addition to warehouse administration applications, managing customer services applications, and managing companies, small enterprises and free lance work concepts.




Monira and her friends passed the training course successfully and they went back to train their colleagues in the project. They applied what they were trained on as a new business model in their work that has started to be achieved speedily and easily. Since then auditing is done using spreadsheet programs in managing accounts to save the time wasted in doing this manually on paper. Also to save the effort wasted in selling and marketing as well as convincing the customer with the quality of the products. Monira says, "We have started to present samples of our products and designs in a better and fashionable way after using computer." Monira believed that she has benefited a lot from the cores she attended and she is seeking more promotion in her project by knowing other more advanced software applications.