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Obison electronic Embroidering

Obison is one kind of embroidery used in weaving French style carpets and other hand made fabrics. Cotton, wool and silk are used in making Obison embroidery. This kind of embroidering first appeared in Egypt as an art in the fourth century as the first Obison picture, called, "the Whistle" is found in the Coptic museum. The French designers, then, took over this technique of weaving and developed it in the city of Obison which the name of this kind of art is extracted from. Obison can be used also in quilting salons, Entré sofas and chairs. This is what Rehab Taha El-Asiouti is doing in her project in Domiatta. First, she buys the picture or the Entré then she makes the embroidery work required and eventually she hands them to the customer.


Successfully, Rehab has recently passed a training course provided by the Association of woman and development in Domiatta in cooperation with Information and Communication Technology for Small and Medium Enterprises (one of ICT-Trust-Fund projects). The training course includes customer service applications, e-marketing, selling and accounting software solutions; this is besides the Office Suite Package with its word processing, photo editing and spreadsheets manipulation. Undoubtedly, this training course has helped Rehab promote her project as she says, "when I attended the training course, I discovered that they would help me greatly in improving my project; the accounting program has helped me in managing the accounts of the project in almost no time. Moreover, I was able to market my products online and to search for more creative designs though the Internet which allows me not only to meet the requirements of a large number of my customers, but also to attract more new customers.