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Office for Computer services

One of the common projects that many young men go for is to run an office of computer services to introduce typing and printing out documents and research papers, introducing internet services, selling IT related equipment including computer accessories, and/or introducing their maintenance services as well.


Fahmy Mansour is one of the coming up young men living in the city of Al-Arish where he runs a project of owning an office of computer services to increase his income instead of seeking all the time for a suitable job. He says about his project, "I was trained on the Office Suite Package which includes word processing, creating and dealing with spreadsheets and warehouse administration and accountings, besides some various specialized software applications related to e-marketing. This training enabled me to improve my personal skills of typing, formatting fonts, adjusting page layout, performing complex accountings and creating databases, thus, I saved my energy and time wasted in the traditional way of managing the project to start looking forward to promoting my project."