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Online tools and paintings

Have you ever thought about buying wall painting and architectural tools and accessories from the online market? The idea seems brand new, though it is firmly true! As many tools and painting shop owners started to use the internet for online marketing to widen their sales area. Mohammad Farrag Hamza is one of those tools and painting shop owners who live in Al-Arish in Northern Sinai governorate where he decided to promote his project using software solutions.

This project is divided into three main processes that are: goods transportation and ordering, sales, and accounting and project management. All those processes, however, waste a lot of time to be performed; i.e. daily inventory is absolutely very tiring and requires an employee to perform it, then, it increases the financial loads of the project. As for using software solutions in his project, the beginning was when he joined the software training course conducted by the Vanguards of development Association in Al-Arish with the coalition with Information and Communication Technology for Small and Medium Enterprises (one of Egypt's ICT-Trust-Fund projects), this training course targeted helping small project owners by providing training modules including word processing, accounting and warehouse administration. Farrag speaks about his experience in using software applications in this training course, "during this training I was introduced to the famous spreadsheet application, namely, Excel. Then, I could re-arrange all the items related to the project by creating workbook sheets for the various types of goods, another workbook sheets for customer information management and other workbook sheets for sales. There were no problems mentioned except for the difficulty of creating sales applications when I got all the help from the trainers. As a direct result of this training course, I could easily promote my project and save a lot of expenditure and wasted time. Last, but not least, I could use the internet in online marketing for my goods and so I could spread my sales; thus, increasing revenues and widen the area of sales.