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Packaging Salt Automatically

Hussein Mohammad Hussein Abol-Ela started his project in the field of salt packaging and marketing in a simple place in Port Said, then he could get a license to work in this place after preparing it in a suitable way for buying and selling salt, but the process of saving and retrieving data was kept randomly and manually on paper.

As for his experience with IT, Abool-Ela says, "owning a computer was not the real reason behind entering the world of Information Technology simply because of my little knowledge about computers and how could they benefit in promoting my project. When I joined the training course conducted by the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises in Port Said to be trained on using computer, I was introduced to some software applications that helped in re-organizing the work and promoting the wheel of production. I was trained on equipment and software applications like the Attendance Machine, In addition to the Office Suite package and the basic software programs related to data processing for the sake of buying and selling, and currently using a data programming and analysis software.




Using software applications in my project led to various positive benefits such as improving work performance with higher speed and making the best use of time and available resources. The process of storing and organizing data using a specialized computer program facilitates retrieving accurate data faster than before, also the process of classifying customers according to their order amounts, debt pay-back plans and credits in addition to following up stock in trades which contributed in facing the market challenges and consequently raising benefit rates.