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Rabbit e-marketing

One of the most profitable projects is to Own a farm for breeding rabbits. It provides not only a good income for the family, but also useful and healthy kind of food as an alternative for red meat; moreover, rabbits can be fed from house leftovers and thus much money can be saved. Regarding the mentioned facts, Mohammad Abou-Tabl, with the partnership of one of his friends, established a farm for breeding rabbits.

Working in this type of projects includes a number of tasks, namely, electing the best species, marketing and selling rabbits to the customers either individuals or supermarkets, managing financial affairs including incomings and outgoings as well as the workers' salaries, and eventually giving the required medical care to the rabbits by a specialized  veterinarian.

For the sake of promoting his farm and increasing its productivity, Abou-Tabl thought of using updated software applications in managing his project as such applications allow a better business model of administration and marketing, attract more customers and save the wasted time and effort. Abou-Tabl joined a training course provided by The Association of developing Woman and Society in Domiatta in cooperation with Information and Communication Technology for Small and Medium Enterprises (one of Egypt's ICT-Trust-Fund projects). The training includes warehouse administration software applications, e-marketing and customer service as well as accounting applications and the Office Suite Package which give solid background about word processing, creating spreadsheets and designing presentations. About his experience with IT, Abou-Tabl says, "I benefited a lot from the training course I have received in managing my farm. It has given me the chance for me to change all the written data into digital archive and save it on computer. Undoubtedly, this has accelerated the work performance, limit the previously made mistakes resulting from the manual work pattern, decrease the amount of papers used in the manual work and consequently, reduced the labor employed to carry out that kind of work. Moreover, I have had the chance to increase the productivity of my project and to market my products online, the thing that attracts more customers and make my project both more successful and more lucrative."