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Yasser Abo Samra and Electronic Furniture Making

Mr. Yaser Abdelwahab Abou-Samra narrates his story with IT solutions and how applying software applications has pushed his project ahead. Mr. Abou Samra said, "I own a small factory for making furniture. In 1990, I had submitted a feasibility study of the project to Port Said administration, so an area of 500 meters was allocated for me to build the factory. Then, I started building my two-floor factory; the below floor is assigned for the machines and the above one for assembling furniture pieces and painting operations. Afterwards the process of manufacturing and marketing took place. In the beginning, marketing depended mainly on bids in cooperation with some institutions such as the educational buildings authority and the Directorate of Education."

Mr. Abou Samra went on saying, "I used software applications in my project for the first time when I received a computer from The Association of Small and Medium enterprises as it offered training courses on using computers and maintaining technical support for them. The Association, also, offered training courses on warehousing and accounting management programs as well as programs for furniture designing and customer sample presentations. This is besides the Office Suite Package that helped me to register bills and write the correspondence in almost no time. Also, I was trained on the basics of the famous Computer Aided Designing program (AutoCAD) that have enabled me to make kitchen and other furniture designs. I would like to mention that my project has witnessed a great breakthrough after receiving this training; before applying software applications the process of accounting management and data storing were done in a traditional primitive way that increased wasting of stored materials. Now, the data and registers related to the manufactured or stored furniture have been saved in the computer by the help of the specialized programs and thus retrieving them is done easily and accurately. This, of course, has expanded my project and made it flourish and increased its productivity as a direct result of organizing work and arranging storing places. Moreover, I have been able to follow up the latest bids and to market my products through the Internet thus; my products have reached markets I have never thought of.




As for the challenges he is facing now, Abou Samra said, "After knowing about these software applications I feel I'm in need of knowing more advanced software such as AutoCAD for Professionals and taking courses on business administration and this is not available in my geographical whereabouts."