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Egypt ICT Trust Fund, Microsoft Egypt and IDRC mark their Success in promoting ICT training and skills to SMEs.

On the 12th of March 2009, Egypt ICT Trust Fund, International Development Research Center (IDRC) and Microsoft Egypt are hosting their first conference for the ICT for Small and Medium Enterprises program.

The conference entitled “ICT for SMEs , One Step Forward” and will be held at the ministry of communications and Information Technologies (MCIT), Smart Village, Theatre Hall. The conference will celebrate 3-years of achievements for the ICT for SMEs Program and will take a look at the next stages for the project.

The conference will examine the barriers to ICT use and training for SME businesses in Egypt, the potential that ICT has to offer SMEs in terms of business development, and the level of understand that SMEs have about the importance of ICT deployment in their businesses.

The conference will also aim to uncover the current and expected ICT needs for SMEs working in the Egyptian market, as well as the best way to reach SME business owners with new technology and training.

A documentary film will be presented to showcase best practice for the incorporation of ICT into SME businesses. SME business owners will be present to accept awards for the best implication of ICT within SMEs post training.

The objectives of the conference are to: 

  • Highlight project achievements over the past three years, including reflections on lessons learned and recommendations.

  • Share the stakeholders’ experiences on M\SME developments, best practices, challenges and future directions.

  • Generate momentum for the next phase of the ICT for M\SMEs development process in Egypt through providing ICT tools for SMEs , NGOs, Telecenters, and CSOs.

The ICT Trust has nearly 100 stakeholders from more than 20 governorates across Egypt. It is anticipated that there will be attendance of around 180 people, many of whom are SME owners or representatives from NGOs working with SMEs. There will be a number of VIPs attending including key government representatives and leading Egyptian businessmen and women. It is also anticipated that the conference will attract a large number of persons from various initial international organizations in Egypt.