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Telecentre Network Challenges and Changes

As another year begins, Foundation is ready to continue its role as a global leader in the growing telecentre movement. Telecentre Network Leaders Meeting  was held from the 5th - 7th of March, 2012 in Barcelona, Spain bringing together key stakeholders and delegates from six regions (Latin America, Europe, MENA, Africa, Asia, Eurasia) and TCF Core Staff to identify and discuss areas of collaboration in the coming months and beyond.

The Foundation, led by Executive Director Miguel Raimilla, takes on a number of new of challenges in 2012. Among the significant changes are 

  • The transition of the Telecentre Women: Digital Literacy Campaign from a year-long initiative to a permanent TCF program. The new Telecentre Women program will work towards gathering more resources and organizing a number of activities to support telecentre women across the globe.
  • Foundation will continue its work towards the establishment of a truly Global Telecentre Academy, becoming an effective training entity and professional developer for telecentre stakeholders.
  • Telecentre Academy in 2012 is the expansion of the portfolio of courses and academic institutions providing certification.
  • a new priority program which will focus on the concept of “Telecentres as Social Enterprises”. This program will work on providing a practical and well-organized approach to addressing long-term sustainability for telecentre networks worldwide.


From MENA region, Mrs. Hoda Dahroug (Deputy Director of Egypt ICT Trust Fund) and Mr. Karim Kasim (Telecentre MENA Network Manager) shared their work in MENA via Egypt ICT Trust Fund. In their session they aimed to: 

  • Update the Regional Telecentre Network Leaders on the new thrusts of Foundation and to clarify TCF’s role in the global telecentre movement;
  • Strengthen ties and identify areas of cooperation between the Foundation and the regional networks ; and
  • Facilitate network-to-network knowledge sharing and collaboration.


Participants were intrigued with Academy work and were delighted to know they don’t have to create the wheel as has provided the base and they would need to adapt it to their local use.