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Free, accessible, comprehensive, user-friendly, and a knowledge carrier” are the main characteristics of Through its 1,200,000 top ranked internet specialized pages, 85,000 daily visits, and 2,200 websites monthly created, Kenanaonline represents the largest community development portal in Egypt as well as in the Arab World.

Through using an inclusive adaptable strategy, the ICT-TF development team has managed to build and maintain a high-value knowledge network that relies on  the efforts of collaborative content which is uploaded by the community members. Such enabling environment, which is supported with highly customized e-services, gives power to dynamic community participation from various networks and by several engaging partners. Consequently, such an e-activity constantly maximizes Arabic content, and increasingly grows towards an integrated information society.over

Goal & Objectives


To contribute in establishing the knowledge society in MENA region by leading and moderating the generation and management of credible and specialized knowledge portals and developing the social mindset for using ICT in utilizing knowledge for sustainable community development.


  • Increase useful Arabic E-content available on the internet.
  • Support citizens (in rural & urban areas) to use information technology to improve skills, career, income, health, agriculture, and knowledge,
  • Helping communities move towards the Knowledge Society.

Knowledge Portals

The Agriculture and livestock portal (Aradina)

The agricultural portal is an online arena whereby those interested in the field of agricultural production and live stock may find various articles, e-services, forums, and professional guidance in that field. The topics covered include: Fruits, crops, dairy products, animal produce, agricultural technology, fisheries, as well as others.

Byotna portal

The portal is an arena that provides various articles, forums and e-services that cater to the needs, concerns, and questions of the Arab families. The main tackled topics by this portal are: health, nutrition, home, furnishings & Decoration, motherhood, childcare, elegance, beauty, cooking, sports …etc. The content of the portal is greatly dependant on the contribution of the users, experts, and professionals

Ayadina Portal

It is an online venue, whereby users, experts, companies,…etc can share their knowledge and experiences with other M/SME owners through uploading articles, tips, and various pieces of information. The portal also includes a number of e-module/services that facilitate the management of the user’s business.

Erada Portal

A specialized platform for People with Disabilities and their  communities. Erada portal entails all aspects, kinds and issues  on disabilities; visual disability, hearing disability, mental disability, physical disability, learning disability, autism, early intervention, Disabled rights and regulations, syndromes, genetic diseases, behavioral and emotional disorder, taking care of a disabled child, ways of treatments.……..etc

Youth Portal (Youm Gedid)

Youm Gedid is an arena that provides various articles, forums and e-services that cater to the needs, concerns, and questions of the Arab Youth. The main topics tackled by this portal are: Youth health, self development, tourism and places of interest, entertainment and celebrities, opinion pieces, arts and literature, sciences and the environment, sports and automotives, and information technology. The content of the portal is greatly dependant on the contribution of the users, experts, and professionals.

Zatak Portal

Zatak is one of Kenanaonline community portal that specialized in spreading and generating community knowledge in the field of comprehensive community development  at different levels including social, economic, cultural and professional aspects. The portal is mainly directed towards creating a new generation of youth able to determine their goals and build a a future they aspire.

Al Mo'alem Al Masry (the Egyptian Teacher)

This portal is specialized in upgrading education in Egypt through utilizing educational and cultural materials that would  contributes  to develop the capacities of community stakeholders involved in the educational process including students, parents, teachers, NGOs, ..etc.

Beneficiaries & Location

Kenanaonline portals attracts a huge number of visitors specially from the Arab World . According to latest statistics, the total numbers of Kenanaonline portals is 2.409.767 visitors from all over the world disaggregated between Egypt and the countries of the Arab world including  Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Kuwait, Morocco, Jordan, Iraq, Emirates and Palestine.


In its endeavors towards the knowledge society, Kenanaonline program strives to build a workable model for creating A Sustainable Mechanism for Generating and Managing Knowledge through the community development portals (CDPs) and achieving tangible impact in through implementing  the (Knowledge for development) strategy. In doing this, Kenanaonline program is using Four major  interlocked approaches in the sense that each one is dependent on the fulfillment of the other three:

  1. Infrastructure: Establishing an effective portals creation platform
  2. Advocacy: Advocating principle of knowledge sharing management, and knowledge economy.
  3. Capacity Building: Building knowledge generation and management skills.
  4. Institutionalization: Developing partnership for establishing knowledge-based organizations and knowledge networks.