Egypt ICT Trust Fund

Social Empowerment

Over years, Egypt ICT-TF strives to empower people with professional skills and knowledge to motivate them to take steps towards improving their own lives and tackling the challenges of the 21th century as active responsible citizens.

ICT4D interventions in different fields namely, education, health, social awareness and environment conservation, are uniquely designed to contribute to a set of long-term strategic objectives including; bridge the digital gab, achieving better livelihood for the Egyptian, and building knowledge society for the prosperity and well-being of Egyptian citizens using ICTs.



knowledge Society
Women Empowerment
Enabling Persons
with Disabilities
ICT for Illiteracy Eradication program
The Tabluter
Modernizing Industrial School Using ICT
Smart School Network
Community Knowledge Generation
Community Knowledge Portals
ICT for Integration Development Program in Siwa
ICT for Integration Development Program in Nuba
Managing Agriculture Knowledge Through Localized Community Expert
Aradina Knowledge Network
NGO Toolkit
NGO Competition Awards
Empoering Comunity Through Telecenter Networking
Telecenter Academy
Mobile IT Club
Get Online (MicroSoft)
Deaf Communication CD
Supporting e-Learning for Hearing and Visually Impaired Students in Egypt Program
Erada Portal