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Awareness Sessions on Gender Equality Cases and Women's Rights


Cairo, 30th of October 2017

Within the framework of the ongoing activities carried out by Egypt ICT Trust Fund that affiliate to both the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, and the United Nations Development Program in order to achieve of gender equality as one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), launched by the United Nations; An awareness session for the working group was held on awareness of women's rights and gender equality issues and concepts relating to the society, at the Fund's headquarters on Monday, 30 October 2017.
During this interactive meeting, Dr. Hala al-Sadiq, the responsible for Gender Equality Seal Certification at Egypt ICT Trust Fund made the concept of equality clear at the beginning of the meeting the importance of working to achieve it and the return on women empowerment socially and economically in promoting the integrated development of society. Moreover, the meeting also involved the presentation of a special film for women as well as a presentation on the most prominent issues for women in the developing world.
Furthermore, Eng. Hoda Dahroug, Regional Director of Egypt ICT Trust Fund, acting head of the Central Department for Community Development affiliate to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, stressed the importance of this issue, and the need to set priorities for the considering the gender issue in the strategic plan of the Fund during the next five years.
In addition, she pointed out that Egypt ICT Trust Fund in their quest to obtain the certification and basic development objective is of great importance to accelerate sustainable development and the promotion of comprehensive and sustainable growth in the community.
She emphasized the importance of awareness raising on women's issues, through "Telemedicine" project, which is being implemented in remote areas, in cooperation with the National Council for Women, the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood, and through knowledge portals as "Byotna" portal for family and children.
The meeting included the presentation of "The Women Empowerment's Indian Experience" film on the role of information technology, and the importance of the availability of technology in spreading awareness of women's issues in the developing communities.

She underlined the importance of changing all practices on the projects in the coming stage in accordance with gender equality issues, including the core areas related to the following aspects:

• The elimination of disparities in wages on the basis of gender
• Increasing the role of women in decision-making
• Achieving balance between work and life
• Encouraging women's access to non-traditional jobs
• Elimination of sexual harassment at work
• Attaining inclusive interaction and non-discrimination between sexes
A debate was opened to who attended this awareness session as some have suggested the implementation of awareness seminars to raise the awareness of men about women's rights and issues, in addition to the implementation of the survey research to measure the level of awareness of the different communities to be the basis for determining the type of interventions that are required with respect to women's issues. Lastly, the session showed the activities on gender equality during the past two years.