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Telemedicine helps in Ghada’s Condition Detection

Ghada’s mother never imagined that her daughter was suffering from a health problem that needs a medical intervention and could last for long. She is only three years and half. She had a problem with food digestion for approximately ten days. The mother thought that could be a mild condition that ends by visiting a doctor in the near medical center in order to just get a simple prescription to fully recover. Fortunately, her mother headed to Al Gasem Medical Center, in Nasr El Nuba, Aswan. Telemedicine unit contains communication system and live connection by using virtual server and free open source software for flexible communications in remote areas that lack electronic services in addition to unlimited number of mobile devices and tablets that facilitate communicating with the medical consultant. By accurate examination, the doctor discovered gravels in Ghada’s kidney. It was necessarily for the child to move to Cairo to go through full medical examination. In addition, the child suffers anemia and gout. Ghada also has a problem with metabolism that causes gravels formation and it may be a genetic disorder. She now undergoes treatment process after the early detection and remote diagnosis. By this, the citizen will be able to receive sustainable good quality services, avoiding time waste or health situation deterioration.