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Participation in the Conference of Communications and Information Technology for Egyptian Women

Luxor, 29-31 of March 2017

Egypt ICT Trust Fund permanently keen on providing technology tools and upgrading women to be fully aware of the importance of using information and communications technology, capacity building and personal skills development in order to create opportunities for a better life.

Therefore, Egypt ICT Trust Fund participated in the activities of the First Conference on ICT for Women, under the theme "Awareness, Capacity Building, Role Models", which was held in the city of Luxor on March 30 to April 1 and attended by the Minister of Information and Communications Technology and his excellency Eng. Yasser El Kady, and the Governor of Luxor Eng. Mouhammed Badr.

During the conference, Egypt ICT Trust Fund was represented by Mr. Mouhammed Moustafa, Outreach Unit Manager who presented success stories of the project with the objective of empowering women through "Integrated Technological Development" in Aswan.

In addition, Dr. Najwa Al-Shenawi, Director of the Conference, head of the Central Department of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology presented the project implemented by the working group of the Fund. Moreover, she listed a number of success stories of Egyptian women entrepreneurs work in governorates of upper Egypt, especially in Aswan governorate, including: Khaira Jaafar, from the village of Ambarkab, Nasr City in the Nuba, who works in Al arjoun and beads products, Warda al-Rawi, from the tourist city of Abu Simbel, which works in products keleim (hand-made carpets), as well as Ms. Salma Abdul Rahman, of the tourist city of Abu Simbel, which works in keleim, palm leaves and beads products, who on their own entered labor market by making use of information technology to serve their economic activities to reach the stage of maturity and reach the global markets.

Dr. Nagwa, confirmed that the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology is devoted to the preparation of an integrated strategy to promote e-commerce in Egypt as this strategy has clear objectives and policies to promote that industry and create of a global electronic platform that includs all goods and products deployed throughout Egypt and that have competitive advantage. Efforts will be also devoted to the inclusion of many of the pioneers to that system.

The Fund's participation comes in the agenda of the Conference in line with the Development Goals of the United Nations, which reaffirms the importance of the empowerment of women at all levels, particularly in the areas of education, technological support. As the conference aims at providing the tools and accessing all groups of women in Upper Egypt to make them aware of the importance of the use of ICT and the internet in all aspects of life in order to make her an active and productive member of the economic development efforts currently implemented by the State all over the country. These goals can be attained through personal development and technological empowerment, consistent with the declaration of 2017 in Egypt as the year of women, and with the activities of the International Women's Day celebrations

This Conference has been organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in cooperation with the National Council for Women, and Luxor, the US Agency for International Development, the United Nations Development Program, the Egyptian company for communications and Microsoft Egypt.