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Workable Model

The Egyptian ICT Fund is a mechanism aimed at exploring the various aspects through which ICT tools can help improve the living standards of individuals and targets the promotion of social and economic development by supporting the use of ICTs.
In the framework of the knowledge dissemination role of the Egyptian ICT Fund, it pursues an information transparency policy to enhance the principle of accountability and to increase the strength of knowledge and information exchange, both to provide the public and the community with information and knowledge or to promote intensive exchange of information with beneficiaries or cooperation partners.

The collection of information and the studying of community needs are the first means for the Fund's team to carry out its activities and projects. The results of studies and field researches are collected and analyzed on the requirements for different environments in Egyptian society to use information technology.

In the same context, the Fund seeks to build local partnerships by creating an umbrella of civil society organizations for in various governorates of Egypt, to act as small community work centers that help in the expansion of the projects scope and their continuation to ensure the maximization of their benefit.

In terms of complementarity in performance, it is achieved at two internal levels (between different departments and teams) and externally (between the Fund and the various MCIT departments); internally, the Fund strives to integrate and harmonize the different teams in an effective manner in the implementation of the projects adopted by the Fund and the activities provided by the internal teams in supporting the implementation of the projects.
as for the integration with the various departments of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, the Fund plays an important role in coordination and strategic cooperation with the Ministry's departments in order to transform the pilot projects adopted by the Fund into sustainable projects adopted by the Ministry or help to link them with the competent state authorities in order to serve wider sectors of society and achieve the required sustainability.