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Technological Applications for Community Development

Eye Glasses for the Blind

Stemming from a Google competition held last year for innovative technological solutions, a team of inventors were able to develop eye glasses that help blind people see, utilizing advanced technology that enables communication with optic nerve cells, thus capturing images and sending them directly to the brain. The project received the necessary funding facilitating market entry early next year.


Contact Lenses for Diabetic Patients

Google also revealed the first contact lenses in the world that enables diabetic patients to monitor their blood glucose levels through analyzing their tears, and sending the data to a smart phone via a smart ship imbedded in the lenses.


Sign Language translation

In cooperation with Google a group of students are developing a new project called Google Gesture, which allows the translation of sign language in a similar manner to “Google Translate” service, where the user would be able to use an application on his/her electronic device, and while wearing a special wrist band, translate sign language into spoken commands for others to understand