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Sakeia Rezk – farmer

Sakeia Rezk, 22 years old, received his High School Diploma in Commerce in 2006 and is currently employed as an accountant at  the Voyager Optics Technology Centre (picture 3). At the same time, she has been working at her brother's farm for two years. The farm raises 16 cows and gives work to 2 employees (the brother and the sister). The trade of meat and dairy products is mainly based in Tanta to avoid travel costs. The initial investment was 6.000LE (her brother's savings) for buying 3 cows.


In two months, the profit was doubled. In a few years the market grew very fast. During the 2010 Eid they sold 50 cows and their annual income is now 16.000LE. On Mokthar's advice, Sakeia attended the ICT Training Course in November 2010 in order to acquire skills on several ICT tools. Prior to the training she had no computer skills and she was not able to calculate her annual income, profits and losses. She is now using Word, Excel and Database to be more precise in accounting, developing the business, in order to increase the number of clients and products.