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Innovation for Development workshop, How to Impact and Being Impacted

Egypt ICT Trust Fund has participated in the WSIS Forum this year, by organizing a workshop titled “Innovation for Development.”

The Innovation for Development Workshop aimed at presenting the ICT – TF’s award winning projects, spanning its inception in 2002 till the present. Such projects had augmented MCIT’s leading role in utilizing ICT solutions in solving sustainable development problems, as well as MCIT’s role as a vital link in the national economy. These solutions started by availing ICT solutions and thus increasing accessibility; sharing knowledge and best practices to improve the lives of the Egyptian community as well as to establish a knowledge - based society that enables national economic development and poverty reduction, as well as knowledge management through enhancing Arabic online content, and illiteracy eradication. Moreover, the workshop highlighted the major challenges that lay on the path of achieving those goals, highlighting the role of government entities, civil society and the private sector in addressing those challenges. It is also worth mentioning how human capacity building through the use of ICT had a tremendous positive impact on various life aspects through creating new opportunities for individuals, private sector, and the society at large.

The workshop presented a panel of speakers from the International Telecommunication union, the Pakistani Telecommunication Association, the Global Innovation Fund and UNDP Egypt, who shed light on the international dimension of innovative ICT solutions utilized for community development. The workshop was thus successful in attracting a large number of attendees from various sectors such as the private and academic circles, representing another success for MCIT in sharing its best practices on the global arena.

The most important outcomes of the workshop included the emphasis by the participants on the importance of innovative ideas and solutions in solving developmental problems, as well as the importance of fully utilizing public private partnerships in the design of such project. Attendees also welcomed working with Egyptian entities to support national economic developmental goals as one of the outputs of the workshop in the context of South – South cooperation.