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Mona; A childhood dream came true

Ever since Mona Mohamed was a child, she loved doing handicrafts. She took that after  her mother. Mona used to observe her mother tailoring and try it on her own. She continued to do that until she finished her commercial high school diploma.

After graduation, she worked as a trainee at Siwa Industries Development Center, in the handicrafts department. She was very dedicated to her work that in no time she became the supervisor over all employees in this section.

While she was working at the handicraft department, she decided to learn another craft. So, she joined the silver formation department.

But that was not the end for Mona. Mona used to take photos of any silver jewelry that women wear in Siwa and make another imitated pieces then later sell them. However, she faced an obstacle. She couldn’t market for herself and was only able to sell to those who come to the center until she heard about Siwa Association for Community Development and Environmental Protection.

Mona presented her silver jewelry to the association. The staff at the association liked her work too much and offered to market them on the association website.

Now, Mona gets orders through the website and send them to customers. Again, this was not enough for Mona. She wanted to become a professional silver jeweler. So, she took professional classes in silver manufacturing in and outside Siwa. Now, Mona is counted as one of the best silver jeweler in Siwa.