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Al Harron Lights

After graduated from the faculty of commerce from Suez University, Diaa Al Harron quickly involved in practical life and started “Al Harron Lights” a small project for electricity tools and equipments. Although Harron felt that with his ignorance with ICT, he misses real opportunities in his business.

The training of ICT For M/SMEs program held by Tala’a Al Tanmia NGO, opened Harron up on the field of ICT, broaden his prospective to develop his project, especially it was so relevant to his business. Modules of Accounting and managements were his tools for making true changes in his work process.

He quickly starts computerizing his project activities, using ICTs applications instead of paper records, besides, using databases for keeping sales, inventories, and customers’ information. This enabled him to accept large orders depending on accurate numbers and feasibility study. 

During the Training Harron’s also discovered the importance of e-marketing and how to promote his products online. The project also granted him an additional advantage, through providing free space for his blog on the internet, and makes his business a part of a well-known integrated community development portals of Kenana online.  As, Harron noted” the training gave me a true opportunity, and I tend to make the best use of it”. 

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