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Ahmed Magdy Ali – young artist

Live, simple, expressive these are the main characteristics of Ahmed’s artistic designs.  Ahmed Magdy studied the agricultural sciences; still he was innately artist. His early paintings were really predicting an emerging talent in painting and artistic designs. After he finished his education, Ahmed became free to follow his impulse and started refine his talent through research and study. So, He attended many courses in graphic, Photoshop, multimedia flash. 

Although his flourishing capabilities, Ahmed needed to learn how to develop his talent, and market his services. The ICT for M/SMEs training conducted in North Sinai, managed to turn Ahmed Magdy’s talent into profitable business. During the training course Ahmed, learned how to polish and e-published his designs to attract the customers through the internet. He also acquired many advertising tricks using Google and other free search engine. By the end of the training Ahmed was already has a web site for his Ads & designing services.

Through the website, Ahmed is now doing business with ten new customers, inside and outside North Sinai. He also becomes quite popular after designing banners, ads, and storefronts for many famous stores.  As he said “it’s not enough to be talented, but you have to know how to make use of such talent to make money. The training really taught me how to be a true entrepreneur” Ahmed Magdy.

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