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I.E & E- Learning

The Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) offer powerful tools to improve employment opportunities for youth, help with economic status of women and making the world more inclusive and easier to access for people with disabilities. The Egypt ICT Trust Fund is active in all three areas, working with our partners to help all citizens take advantage of the Knowledge Society and participated in the digital life.
Egypt has 25.9 % illiteracy rate, 83% of males can read and write, but only 67% of women. ICT Trust Fund recognises the potential of the IT technology in closing the illiteracy gap.
According to WHO statistics (2007), approximately 11% of Egyptian population is suffering from some kind of disability. The percentage of illiteracy among deaf and blind is especially high, not to mention the lack of integration among those blind and deaf students who are actually enrolled in formal education. ICT Trust Fund aims to provide life-time opportunities to some of the most neglected and deprived deaf and blind students to raise their self esteem and enable them to integrate and use the benefits of Knowledge Society.

The organization developed a series of CDs aimed at blind and deaf users, teaching them sign language and providing training about the internet and how it can be used. 742 Interactive Learning Objects (LO) were covered and distributed to 400 vision and hearing impaired students.