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Expert System Project


One of the most important tools that have emerged lately is the "Expert system". This system simulates the human ability to make decisions. It has been mainly designed to solve complex problems through the use of logical operations based on different experts' knowledge.

The importance of using an agricultural expert system is due to its effectiveness in solving intricate agricultural problems, providing valid documented information, and securing fast solutions to farmers.

In this context, Egypt ICT Trust Fund (ICT-TF), an entity established due to an agreement between MCIT and United Nations Development Program (UNDP), launched a project called "Managing Agricultural Knowledge through Localized Community Expert System" in calibration with the Canadian International Development Research Centre (IDRC) as part of its project KariaNet which was funded by the International Fund for Agriculture Development IFAD) - a regional network for knowledge and experience sharing in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). This expert system tool is solely developed to enrich the Knowledge content of KenanaOnline Community Development Portals (CDPs), one of the most important Knowledge networks in Egypt and Arab world. The Accessibility of the ""Expert System", as an additional service on Kenanaonline, contributes highly to community development especially in the agriculture field.

The project is aimed at identifying an effective workable model that builds efficient Knowledge bases for solving problems in specific knowledge domains through the development of expert systems. These systems are designed by agriculture experts' practitioners. The availability of such systems will enable farmers in Egypt to improve their agricultural production easily using the latest technology tools (Internet applications - mobile phones).

The Importance of the Expert System

  • Free service , provided by the MCIT to experts in all fields
  • Promote experiences in profitable ways by using ICT tools (Mobile & Internet)
  • Accumulate renewed experiences which facilitates communication between experts and beneficiaries
  • Develop a quick communication tool that serves beneficiaries' needs in no time
  • A technical service that is used by experts to upload his/her scientific, career, and social biography.
  • An access to a distinguished community that has the best Arab expertise in different fields
  • Utilize the services of Egypt ICT Trust Fund that support experts' capabilities in producing and disseminating of knowledge
  • Support the Egyptian national agriculture economy through the reduction of agriculture production costs. This is done through proper diagnosis of waste margin that results from agriculture operations. 
  • Generate profits to institutions through their provision of their specialized consultancy services to companies and farms inside and outside Egypt, which contributes to their sustainability
  • An easy browsing service that could be used through the internet or a mobile device by farmers or experts. It also enables the developed expert system tool to instantly support their recipients.
  • Provide a diagnostic tool that is easily accessed by agricultural extension workers in farming communities.
  • An educational, informative and professional tool for graduates and researchers in the agriculture field
  • Contribute to enriching experts' knowledge and experiences through partnership and networking, in addition to community evaluation features
  • Enable a quick decision- making tool that treats plants; especially through using the "plants photo examination service" which provides prompt solutions for urgent agriculture problems.