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One of the most inspiring stories that shows this great impact in making paradigm shift to girls’s lives is Manar, Sara and Marwa from Cairo governorate. These three girls started their project for style accessories and fashion wears. However, they were searching for an outlet to show off their products and Facebook appeared as their best choice at that time. When the girls took the course, they discovered that they needed further information about commercial and analytical skills of the markets needs. As a result, they were acknowledged of the fully-equipped portal which allowed them to access to e-business world. The ICT4SMEs was a window of opportunity to the girls by which they focused on e-marketing for the ‘Hidjab’ or headscarf. Today, Manar, Sara and Marwa are selling their product across Egypt and the rest of the Arab countries.

Link to ‘Hidjabek’ website on Kenanaonline: